Captivate by Carrie Jones

By Carrie Jones

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Still, I need to call someone—the fire department at least. ‖ I ask. He gently touches my cheek. Gently? ―I do, but I cannot let you use it. ‖ I try not to shrink away. ―Please. I‘m hurt…‖ He seems to think about it and then nods. He does something. ―I am blocking the number. ‖ He then speaks into the phone. ―There has been a one-car accident on Route 3 about a mile past the Bedford Convenience Store. The car is on fire. One person injured. It‘s not life threatening. ―There. ‖ He clicks the phone off and stares at me.

His eyes drape down. ―It‘s my fault, Zara. ‖ My stomach knots. The taste of Tic Tac mintiness in my mouth somehow makes me want to throw up. ―Not all pixies torture. Only bad ones, the neglected, who don‘t have a leader, or those who have a leader who is cruel or weak, or without a queen. Some of us are on the side of good. Some on the side of evil. ‖ My father doesn‘t blink. ―Zara‘s human. But smells different than humans. The weres sense it. The pixies sense it. ‖ I shout. ‖ I sort of stare at this pixie man who is my biological father.

I pull onto the road, trying to let things process. The bird thing is not my priority even. For most of my life I thought the world was normal, round, safe, populated by people (good and bad) and animals (wild and tame), but then it turns out that‘s not the way the world is. Reality isn‘t round, it‘s flat. There are edges where you can fall off and this October when I moved to Maine, I fell off one. That‘s when I learned about pixies and shape-shifting weres. That‘s when I learned about need and pain and how unsafe, how unround the world can really be.

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