C++ Gems: Programming Pearls from The C++ Report (SIGS by Stanley B. Lippman

By Stanley B. Lippman

Stan Lippman, former C++ document Editor (and best-selling author), brings you pearls of knowledge for purchasing the main out of C++. This rigorously chosen assortment covers the 1st seven years of the C++ file, from January 1989 via December 1995. It offers the top of writing on C++ through popular specialists within the box, and is a must-read for present day C++ programmer. It comprises tips, methods, confirmed innovations, easy-to-follow recommendations, and usable resource code.

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Lightweight" veneers organizing functionality commonly supported in C libraries 5. " Most libg++ classes are somewhat different in design philosophy, design, and implementation than the classes you or I ordinarily construct for specific applications. The remainder of this article focuses mainly on these differences without otherwise going into much detail about particular components. ABSTRACT DATA TYPES AND VALUES While both may be described as C++ classes, there is a big difference between, say, a complex number and, say, a BankAccount.

Old-time C programmers will be reminded of the time where struct member names were given one or two letter suffixes to avoid clashes with members of other structs. 8 Basically, this would allow names that would otherwise have been global to be wrapped in a scope so they won't interfere with other names: II XX library: namespace Xcorp_Xwindows class String { I* ... *I }; ostrearn& open(String); enum Bool { false, true }; People can use such names by explicitly qualifying uses: Xcorp_Xwindows::String s = "asdf"; Xcorp_Xwindows::Bool b Xcorp_Xwindows::true; Alternatively, we can explicitly make the names from a specific library available for use without qualification: using namespace Xcorp_Xwindows; II make names from Xcorp_Xwindows available String s = "asdf"; Bool b true; Naturally, there are more details, but the proposal can be explained in ten minutes and was implemented in five days, so the complexity isn't great.

2. and J. Shopiro. A set of C classes for co-routine style programming. Proceedings ofthe USENIX C++ Conference, Santa Fe, NM, Nov 1987. 3. Rose, L. V. and B. Stroustrup. Complex arithmetic in C++, Internal AT&TBell Labs Technical Memorandum, Jan 1984. Reprinted in AT&T C++ Translator Release Notes, Nov 1985. 4. E. An object-oriented class library for C++ Programs, Proceedings ofthe USENIX C++ Conference, Santa Fe, NM, Nov 1987. 5. Stroustrup, B. The C++ Programming Language (2d ed), Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, ·1991.

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