Boredom Busters by Tommy Donbavand

By Tommy Donbavand

Veteran kid's entertainer Tommy Donbavand provides pointers on retaining youngsters entertained, even if it is a unmarried baby or a complete playscheme. The ebook is filled with actions that may continue mom and dad from tearing their hair out.

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These are called FILLERS. Write as many fillers as you can to put in your newspaper. ’ Tell your readers what you thought of a TV show this week, and write down a few jokes. If you find it hard to think of fillers, you can copy them out of old newspapers. The more fillers you give your readers, the more likely they will be to watch out for your next edition. They’re fun to read! 5. Putting It All Together Now it’s time to assemble your newspaper, ready for PRINTING. If you have access to a PC, you can do it in a word processing program.

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Cover it with four layers of papier mâché, leaving it to dry between each layer. Leave the space where the balloon is inside the glass uncovered. When it’s completely dry, turn the egg over, burst the balloon with a pin, and remove it. Fill the egg with treats, then cover the hole with more papier mâché. Now you can paint your egg with a strange design, and give it as an ‘eggsalent’ gift! 5. Meteoric! Scientists believe that the dinosaurs became extinct (they all died) when a huge METEOR hit the Earth.

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