Black Jade by David Zindell

By David Zindell

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Terra Australis Incognita: The Spanish Quest for the Mysterious Great South Land

Looking the mythical nice South Land, the Spanish conquistadors of the past due sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries sailed from South the United States into the unknown southwestern Pacific. Crossing the planet's greatest ocean in small wood ships with rudimentary navigation, those conquistadors encountered for the 1st time the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, the south coast of recent Guinea, and the east coast of Australia.

A Concise History of Australia (Cambridge Concise Histories)

Australia is the final continent to be settled through Europeans, however it additionally sustains a humans and a tradition tens of millions years previous. for far of the earlier two hundred years the novices have sought to switch the previous with the recent. This publication tells how they imposed themselves at the land, and taken expertise, associations and concepts to make it their very own.

Settler Society in the Australian Colonies: Self-Government and Imperial Culture

The 1820s to the 1860s have been a foundational interval in Australian background, arguably no less than as vital as Federation. Industrialization was once reworking Britain, however the southern colonies have been pre-industrial, with economies pushed by way of pastoralism, agriculture, mining, whaling and sealing, trade, and the development trades.

Entanglements of Empire: Missionaries, Maori, and the Question of the Body

The 1st Protestant challenge used to be proven in New Zealand in 1814, beginning advanced political, cultural, and fiscal entanglements with Maori. Tony Ballantyne indicates how curiosity in missionary Christianity between influential Maori chiefs had far-reaching effects for either teams. Deftly reconstructing cross-cultural translations and struggles over such strategies and practices as civilization, paintings, time and house, and gender, he identifies the actual physique because the such a lot contentious web site of cultural engagement, with Maori and missionaries suffering over hygiene, tattooing, garments, and sexual morality.

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Master Juwain's homely face screwed up in distress. ' 'So noble that you withhold this lore from men? ' Now Master Juwain's lips tightened with real pain. And he held up his worn book as he tried to explain to Maram: 'But all is recorded there! You must understand, however, that this rendering of the Saganom Elu is only for men. It is said that the Elijin have a truer telling of things, recorded on tablets of gold. And the Galadin as well have theirs, deeper and truer still, perhaps etched in diamond or read in starfire, for they are deathless and cannot be harmed, and so it must be with their writings.

He patted the neck of his brown stallion as he smiled sadly. ' Some hurt in his voice - seething and keen and covered with layers of scar - made me feel my way past my jealousy deeper into his being. And what I sensed pulsing inside him so fiercely was only love. Love for Atara, love for his family, for his horses or the beautiful land over which they rode, I could not tell. It didn't matter. For this bright flame filled my blood and broke me open, and I could never scorn him again. ' His eyes softened, and he looked at me strangely as he said, 'I have heard what the Red Dragon did to your land.

A few of them crowded ahead of him as a vanguard. I cut down the foremost with a slash through his neck. Blood sprayed my face, and I cried out in the agony of the man I had killed. I was only dimly aware of other combats raging aroud me as Kashak's warriors and the Manslayers ran down the slopes with flashing sabers to meet the advance of the Red Knights and the Zayak. Some part of me saw steel biting into flesh and bright red showers raining down upon the snowy white blossoms at our feet. I heard arrows whining out upon the ridge above us, and curses and screams, and I knew that Bajorak's men were fighting a fierce battle with the mounted Zayak.

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