Beyond the Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics by Yorikiyo Nagashima

By Yorikiyo Nagashima

A distinct and complete presentation on sleek particle physics which shops the heritage wisdom at the mammoth open questions past the normal version, because the lifestyles of the Higgs-boson, or the character of darkish subject and darkish strength.

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2 Vacuum stability Comparison of theoretical radiative corrections with precision experimental data predicts a rather low Higgs mass. Let us consider first what theoretical constraints can be obtained from the SM framework. A constraint for the lower mass limit can be obtained from vacuum stability. One condition for spontaneous symmetry breaking of the vacuum was that ????, that is, the coefficient of the quartic term in the Higgs potential, must remain positive. 24) mh2 = 2????v2 A negative value of ???? makes the vacuum unstable for large values of |Φ|.

04 95% CL 174 Metastable 172 170 mt = 175. 6 (a, b) Renormalization group evolution (RGE) of the Higgs self-coupling for mh = 126 GeV for the central value of mt and ????s , as well as for ±2???? variations of mt (dashed lines) and ????s (dotted lines). For negative values of ????, the lifetime of the SM vacuum due to quantum tunneling at zero temperature is longer than the age of the Universe as long as ???? remains above the region shaded in red, which takes into account the finite corrections to the effective bounce action renormalized at the same scale as ????.

45) Thus, the position of the neutral component in the Higgs doublets should be reversed to produce the correct mass terms when they get the vacuum expectation value. 49) The VEV of the SM, v2 ≡ v12 + v22 , is fixed by the relation mW = gW v∕2, which leads to the second equality in Eqs. 48). 50) tan2 ???? − 1 One sees that the two equations in Eq. 48) automatically satisfy the vacuum stability and the symmetry-breaking conditions. 2 Coupling Strengths of MSSM Higgs As the SUSY relates the gauge sector to the Higgs sector, the coupling of the Higgs is uniquely determined once the SUSY parameters (tan ????, tan ????) are given.

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