Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans by Dan Becker, Lance Wilson

By Dan Becker, Lance Wilson

Ever crack open a can of leader Oshkosh of Wisconsin, or pattern Pabst's vast Cat Malt Liquor? be mindful the unique St. Pauli woman, Tennent's bevy of lager lovelies, or Olde Frothingslosh ("the faded stale ale with the froth at the bottom")? awarded alphabetically through model, the approximately 500 cans accrued right here come from thirty nations and diversity from the enduring to the vague to the downright extraordinary. From long-forgotten brews to vintage manufacturers that experience replaced their glance yet by no means long gone out of favor, Beer bargains a peek into the final century of beer tradition, exploring what we drank, how we drank it, and why we picked it off the shelf. whereas it can no longer be as clean as a frosty chilly can of Bud, cracking open this ebook is bound to stimulate beer enthusiasts and layout enthusiasts alike.

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