Beam line by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.; United States.

By Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.; United States. Department of Energy

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33)  where κ is the polytropic exponent varying from 1 to cp/cv [46], P0 is the initial gas pressure, and ρ is the liquid density [47]. Neglecting the surface tension, the critical radius depends directly on the liquid viscosity [47]: Rcr = 2 2µ . 6 illustrates the effects of surface tension and viscosity of water solutions of glycerin on the cavitation threshold at different ultrasound frequencies [48]. 6 Cavitation threshold of water in dependence on: (a) surface tension and (b) viscosity at (1) 8 kHz, (2) 28 kHz, (3) 35 kHz, and (4) 61 kHz.

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