Basics (for violin) by Simon Fischer

By Simon Fischer

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H. ,,,ndp<>ln' 2 I . nd mid" Ie pooi,io" •. , play doubl. 010",. tiv. , "'jth _ m oil\ll! bolw. u,lng th •• ,m ,u m ...... ,,,,,,ani> ond away frum thc: bridll". ,,, •• ",h the ming. bow~ ... ,;! " buws n. ,h. , hard. d •• hiahllwm ' he p~. renc~ b)' keepin, the 11m. - ch:onsin~ the tuundpoint. , with. metronome ", "",ute th .. Ihe ,PCeJ ofbow doe. nO! Chang •. ( 11"1. k ngtll ofb on OOlJodpoin. 2, .. me apcrd. ,.. ";'illlou, vib .... '''' play m. kn ,he . " in; db...

Thiny·,WIl Mrokfl or mure, movina the bow quiclIIndpoin. I, ond ,he ponsu/"< ~"" ,ha'W< WOM",,"'" usin~ len or 'wei,.... c til< heel. We,uy. fiv<: centime' .... of bow in the uppe. hilf, 11 the middl<, and in the """", hllf. oclI i"inS in low, middl. I nd high posi'ion •.

A lNl io •• rI .... hi: m.. licltl;m;"': Tbc ",_in, rnm1 ba!. till be IJmod ... ,.. slns. n lho piYol ;. by ml'ld~ willi II:. mitro<. JjKtnl suinl. 'hik IlIe bow io """""I a1aoq lbo suint. m... hooul ~. "'PI< bduw ohowo f 1b'iD3. On ill< G ... In,ll, pl_ 10 die loll unlil ,h. h'it almQS. louch", Ih. rID. , pi"'" ' 0 Ih. ~, unlillh. 0 the loti IIII:tiI almool 10udIina Iht A ........ On dot D I nd A . Jjocen........... for *S pouibk wilhout touchin, Ihcm. I In dtoi! d~ the &mOUlt.

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