Basic guitar chords by John Hartin; Texas Music and Video (Firm)

By John Hartin; Texas Music and Video (Firm)

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It can save you a tremendous amount of time. 21. Building Endurance, Breathing "Endurance" is a controversial term in piano practice. This controversy originates from the fact that piano playing requires control, not muscle power, and many students have the wrong impression that they will not acquire technique until they grow enough muscles. On the other hand, a certain amount of endurance is necessary. This apparent contradiction can be resolved by understanding exactly what is needed and how to get it.

Most of these mistakes originate from incorrect use of fast and slow practice; therefore, we will discuss the rules for choosing the right practice speeds in more detail in the following sections. Any stress or unnecessary motion during practice will also undergo post-practice enhancement. The most common mistake students make to negate PPI is to play fast just before quitting practice. The last thing you do before quitting should be the most correct and best example of what you want to achieve.

7e gives additional instructions on how to practice playing even chords when the gravity drop does not solve the problem. 11. Parallel Sets Now that the LH CEG chord is satisfactory, (try to) switch suddenly from the chord to the quadruplet at several different bounce frequencies. You will now have to move the fingers but keep the finger motions to a minimum. Here again, you will need to incorporate the proper hand/arm motions (see Fink, Sandor), but that's advanced stuff, so let's back-track a little.

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