Atlas of Trichoptera of the SW Pacific ― Australian Region by Arturs Neboiss

By Arturs Neboiss

The caddis-fly species incorporated during this atlas are environments utilizing bugs as a organic degree these both defined or recorded from the SW Paci of water caliber. Such surveys have collected con fic - Australian area. For the needs of this siderable quantities of fabric and initiated wide paintings the SW Pacific - Australian sector is outlined taxonomic paintings to let comparative ecological because the quarter in the limitations of Weber's line, reports. north to the Equator, east to the overseas date The relatives class of Trichoptera was once ana line, south to the small islands off the South Island lysed by way of Ross (1956, 1967), Riek (1968, 1977), Schmid of latest Zealand and west to coastal Western Australia (1970) and Neboiss (1977). In New Zealand, McFarlane (see Map web page 5). The latgest landmass of the zone persevered reviews of the neighborhood fauna and defined is the Australian continent. a variety of species in a chain of papers (1956 - 1981) The heritage of caddis-fly stories within the SW Paci which have been extra further to by way of chief (1972), Cowley fic quarter starts with the outline of the Austra (1976) and Henderson (1983).

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5 mm; f: 7 - 9 mm ina HYDROBIOSIDAE: ,~' D ALLOBIOSIS m: 6 mm; f: 6 mm AUse 2:4:4+ AUse 54 GLOSSOSOMATIDAE AduLts of this famiLy are generaLLy smaLL, duLL, greyish to bLack insects,with wing span of 8 to 12 mm; aLL rather uniform in appearance. OceLLi present. MaxiLLary paLpi 5-segmented in both sexes, the first two segments short, subequaL, second with gLobuLar mesoLateraL projection,third segment the Longest. Antennae stout, shorter than forewing. Mesoscutum and scuteLLum each with pair of setaL warts.

1977 ochraceum (MOSELY. 1953) ~ ... , \... I::~···· . '" ... 1 ............. /, /" \ : .... " ". l \ ;1 I. 5 mm TA

Mesoscutum and scuteLLum each with pair of setaL warts. Wings eLongate, ovate apicaLLy, discoidaL ceLL of forewing cLosed. tinct, A characteristic, more or Less dis- bLister-Like protuberance near the dorsaL mar- gin of abdominaL sternite 5 SW Pacific - AustraLian in both sexes (species of region); ventraL process on sternite 6 usuaLLy present. In femaLes the midtibia and tarsus more or Less diLated, abdominaL segments 8 and 9 each with Long internaL apodeme on either side. TibiaL spurs 2:4:4. The famiLy, which was regarded as a subfamiLy within the famiLy RhyacophiLidae, occurs in aLL faunaL regions and there are about 20 genera with more than 400 species.

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