At the Court of King Minos (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks) by John Butterfield, David Honigmann, Philip Parker, Daniel

By John Butterfield, David Honigmann, Philip Parker, Daniel Woods

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Xd2 lLld4! Black is fine, while the white rook looks a bit misplaced. abc 21. xc3t! xc3!? d2 cj{f7, and White still has a bit of work to do to secure the draw. 2006. d e f g h 19J:~g3N This improvement was suggested by Krasenkow in ChessBase Magazine 118. ~g3?! lLld4 A natural improvement over 19 ... ac8 Black takes over the initiative. cj{b1? 5 This allows an elegant combination. xfB Black is slightly better, but White has good chances of saving the game. 22 ... bxc3 lLla4! The point of the sacrifice; Black now develops a decisive attack.

Abc d e f g h The following variation now seems forced. 17••. d5! White's best continuation. Wfh7t?! e8 Black is better, due to the vulnerable white king. 8 33 This move_ is the latest fashion, having been played twice by Israeli Grandmaster Evgeny Postny. followed by ... :dB, ... c5 or ... ttJd5) 17... ttJf4 i>f7! 94 with 19 ... ~hB! th6, with advantage. 12... ~a2t 16... ~e2 This looks like Black's best option. After 12 ... h5!? is also possible. ) 13 ... ttJbl. In Postny - Howell, Kallithea 2009, Black failed to obtain enough compensation: 14 ..

Xc3?! lLlxd4 'Wb6 Black has fine long-term compensation for the pawn, thanks to his dark-squared bishop. 20•• J~cd8 20 ... ~c7!? is also worth considering. ~bl "flb4 abc d e f g h 30 Early Deviations This leads to very concrete play, as White intends to launch a direct offensive on the black king after swapping dark-squared bishops. N I believe that this is a serious improvement over 13 ... lLl6d5, as played in Drazic - Kokol, Nova Gorica 2008. lLlh3N, when the threat of lLlg5 would force Black onto the defensive.

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