Artificial General Intelligence (Cognitive Technologies) by Ben Goertzel, Cassio Pennachin

By Ben Goertzel, Cassio Pennachin

This can be the 1st ebook on present learn on synthetic basic intelligence (AGI), paintings explicitly fascinated by engineering normal intelligence – self sufficient, self-reflective, self-improving, commonsensical intelligence. each one writer explains a selected element of AGI intimately in every one bankruptcy, whereas additionally investigating the typical subject matters within the paintings of various teams, and posing the large, open questions during this important zone. This e-book will be of curiosity to researchers and scholars who require a coherent remedy of AGI and the relationships among AI and similar fields reminiscent of physics, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, psychology, biology, sociology, anthropology and engineering.

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For example, this is an important part of the Novamente AI project, which involves a special language for Novamente AI systems to use to interact with each other. Another approach, however, is to consider sociality at a more fundamental level, and to create systems from the get-go that are at least as social as they are intelligent. One example of this sort of approach is Steve Grand’s neural-net architecture as embodied in the Creatures game [24]. His neural net based creatures are intended to grow more intelligent by interacting with each other – struggling with each other, learning to outsmart each other, and so forth.

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