Arranging Techniques For Synthesists by Eric Turkel

By Eric Turkel

This ebook offers you an realizing of acoustic tools and voices that might dramatically enhance your wisdom of sound construction and arranging.

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O f course, there are always resolutions here and there in the basic meter— variations are necessary to avert sheer boredom. But there are also contrasting passages in dramatic meters where the poet seems to choose a highly resolved form of the meter as o p posed to the basic iambic forms (w-w-, ^ — , - ^ - ) . Contrast the rate of resolution in two passages from the Oresteia (each resolved metron is underlined): Agamemnon 367-76 Choephoroi 4 2 3 - 2 7 w — w— wwww— METER AND FORM IN THE ORESTEIA w — w— —w — w —w— w 27 I T h e barrage of resolutions in the second passage would have a strong effect on an audience because the departure from the customary iambic pattern occurs twice (in the strophe and antistrophe).

125 and 156); likewise, that he eklanxen to the kings the cause of the winds from S try m o n (201). 41 In a later episode, the prophets in the house of Menelaus groan as they foresee the desperation of their master (Ag. 408). In the Eumenides the music of the Furies in their "Binding 12 MUSIC AND DANCE IN THE ORESTEIA Song" is called "lyreless" (aphormiktos, 332 and 345), thus recalling the music "without a lyre" and the "tuneless tune" from the Agamemnon (990 and 1142). But following their conversion, their prophecy of a vague and troubled future fades before the firm assurances of Athena.

Aeschylus' audience, t h r o u g h long familiarity with epic, would realize while hearing this report of his words that his prophecy had always been true. T h e chorus, recalling the events at Aulis, reports that Calchas predicted the success of the expedition and spoke of the p o s - 36 METER AND FORM IN THE ORESTEIA sibility that Artemis would block it by the winds; the latter has already happened, and the elders will soon learn that Troy has just fallen. But they also remember these words: "There remains a fearful, ever-arising, treacherous housekeeper—an unforgetting wrath that exacts vengeance for children slain" (153 — 55).

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