Amazing Phrasing by Kolb T.

By Kolb T.

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Georges Barr? re (1876-1944) holds a preeminent position within the heritage of yank flute taking part in. top recognized for 2 of the landmark works that have been written for him--the Poem of Charles Tomlinson Griffes and Density 21. five via Edgard Var? se--he was once the main trendy early exemplar of the Paris Conservatoire culture within the usa and set a brand new common for American woodwind functionality.

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D. E. Newbury, Microheam Analysis 2, S180 (1993). 2. D. B. Williams, J. I. Goldstein, C. E. Lyman, D. W. Ackland, S. von Harrach, and P. J. Statham, MicroheamAnalysis 2, S236 (1993). 3. A. J. Craven, C. P. M. McHardy, and K. A. Pears, Ultramicroscopy 28,157 (1989). 4. -P. Chavalier, Proc. NSF/CNRS Workshop on Electron Beam Induced Spectroscopies with High Spatial Resolution. Aussois, France, p. 231 (1988). 5. R. G. Musket, Nucl. Instrum. Methods B15, 735 (1986). 6. P. Muller, F. Riehle, E. Tegeler, and B.

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